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Certified Payrolls

Prevailing wages or prevailing wage rate requirements for federal and federally assisted construction projects are governed at the federal level by the Davis-Bacon Act. The submission of weekly certified payroll reports is a mandate, beginning with the first week that your company works on the project, and for every week thereafter, until your company has completed its work. Contractors that fail to submit weekly certified payroll reports may lose their contracts and can be barred from getting future government contracts for up to three years. Contractors that falsify information on the forms may be prosecuted and fined or sentenced to jail.

(The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 established that prevailing wages be paid on government-funded projects exceeding $2,000. Prevailing wages are determined through surveys or union information in particular areas. Prevailing wages include the hourly rate an employee must be paid and a cash value for fringe benefits.)

Whether you are a pro or new at prevailing wage work and certified payroll reporting, please allow us to take that burden from you. StaffLink is experienced in providing any type of certified payroll report appropriate for your government job.