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Human Resources

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Although we are staffed with a team of Lawyers, we do not give legal advice to our clients. We do however provide legal guidance and information on HR Management compliance issues. We understand that the law can be as clear as mud at times. Our role is to explain what the compliance requirements are, that will help you to make smart business decisions. If you are in need of legal advice, the website maintains a list of such organizations, divided by state and practice area, this may prove to be a good resource for you.


Pre-Employment Resources

A key success metric for any employer measures how effectively you minimize risk and liabilities. Good human resource management starts with hiring good employees. Furthermore, accurate, compliant, and complete pre-employment screening is an essential part of any successful hiring process – and for good reason. One of the biggest risks a business has can be the people it puts on its payroll. Pre-employment screening examines hiring risks and how employers can assess the value of their pre-employment screening efforts. Pre-employment screening is highly regulated at the federal and state levels, and noncompliance can be costly. However, screening is an imperative for all companies. Given the web of regulations surrounding screening, the question is do you handle it in-house or outsource it?

StaffLink provides worry free pre-employment screening services to our clients including drug testing and background checks. Let us be your gatekeeper to a safer workplace.


Unemployment Claims Management

Employers can reduce unemployment claim costs and control state unemployment insurance (SUI) taxes while staying in compliance with changing state regulations through StaffLink’s Unemployment Compensation Management. StaffLink manages the entire unemployment insurance (UI) claim process, including:


Management Training

Keep your leaders current and your organization competitive with management training designed around to your exact requirements, and delivered to you at a time of your choice. In-house training is the most cost effective way of improving your manager's performance. Many of our clients have benefited from the training expertise of our staff in providing you with a tailor made training solution to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s for a group of new or existing managers we can design and deliver a course that is based upon your manager's training needs.

We can help your managers to: