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PayCard Solution

If your check is lost or stolen it takes three business days from the time the check is reported lost/stolen to get a response from the bank whether the check was already cashed or not. The bank then charges $30.00 to respond. If the check is outstanding we will reissue the check, ship/courier it, (another fee) and this is if you’re lucky. If it comes back that your check was cashed, you have to open an investigation with the bank, which does not guarantee a resolution, and while they are investigating, you are without a paycheck.

Check Cashing businesses tend to charge customers a percentage of the face value of the check that they wish to cash. For instance, a $500.00 payroll check may incur a fee of 1%, which is $5. Some check cashers may charge a processing fee on top of their percentage and in some cases a fee to set up an initial account with them, it can certainly add up. The better alternative is to not pay fees to get access to your hard earned cash by participating in a paycard solution.

The money comes to you every payday, no waiting around for someone to hand you a paper check to then stand on line to pay someone else to give you cash. if someone steals your card, one phone call will protect your money, while we immediately issue another card with your money already transferred to the new card.

We have a better way.

StaffLink’s -TFG VISA PAYROLL CARD® Solution

  1. Money is DIRECTLY deposited on your card the day of payday, no need to go to check cashing locations.
  2. *UNLIMITED point of sale purchases, including “cash back” for no charge.
    *purchase may not exceed $9,999.00
  3. CHECK BALANCE over the phone with our automated system or by logging in online.
  4. Manage your account and money online at WWW.TFGCARD.COM.
  5. LOAD CASH manually onto the card at participating MoneyGram® and Visa Readylink locations.
  6. Pay bills and make purchases ONLINE.
  7. *Receive email/text message ALERTS including: funds added, low balance, weekly balance, and more.
    *Standard text messaging rates from your wireless service provider may apply
  8. PORTABLE: Use with your 2nd or next job.
  9. Use with any and ALL DIRECT DEPOSITORS (tax refund, unemployment, government benefits, etc.).

Cardholder Fees

Everyday Purchases (“Credit” & “Debit”)
Cash Back at Point of Sale (“Debit”)
Online Statements & Account Management
Cardholder Setup & Enrollment Fee
Monthly Account Maintenance Fee
Toll Free Telephone Balance Inquiry
First Bank Teller Withdrawal Per Pay Period
Online Bill Pay at Merchant Site
Point of Sale Denial Fees
Optional Services
Email & Text Alerts (SVC CHG MBL or EMAIL)
Card to Card Transfer (SVC CHG A2A PMT DR)
Online Bill Pay (ONLINE BILL PAY)
Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (SVC CHG ATM WITHDRAW)
Customer Service Live Agent Fee (DR ADJ LIVE SPRT FEE)
Paper Statement Fee (STATEMENT FEE)
International ATM Withdrawal Fee (SVC CHG ATM WITHDRAW)
Bank Teller Withdrawal (SVC CHG CASH ADV)
Replacement Card Fee (SVC CHG REPLACE CARD)

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The TFG Visa Payroll Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC