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Online Report Writer

Online Report Writer

StaffLink now offers an Online Report Writer for your custom reporting needs. This tool can be accessed on the web portal. You just have to log in to your account as you normally do, to start creating your own ad hoc reports.

Under the Reports tab of the Web Portal, there is an option called New Custom Export, which allows internal and client users to create custom reports to fit their exact specifications. With hundreds of information types available to add to reports and the ability to order these items at will, there is a seemingly limitless number of reports available to you.

To create a report, click on the New Custom Export button. If anyone created reports this way previously, the report will be listed here. Otherwise, click the Add button. The resulting screen will list all of the types of information you can elect to include in your new report in a box called Available Fields. This includes employee data like name and tax exemptions, as well as payroll - specific information like total hours per employee, details about earnings such as pay rates, and possible deductions. To include particular items, click on their associated check box and click on the Move Selected Items button.

You can do this for as many items as you would like. Each item chosen will be listed in the report for each employee included. After moving items from the Available Fields box into the Selected Fields box, you can change the order in which the fields are listed in the report by selecting an item and clicking the up or down arrows to the right of the box. Make sure to give your report a meaningful name. Click Save. The report will be added to your list of custom rep.

To view the information, click on the Run button. The report will automatically be exported to Excel, from which you can view, save, and print. The report will typically include all of your employees.