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Human Capital Management

How can a Professional Employer Organization benefit your business?

StaffLink’s PEO is your dedicated HR Management and Benefits Administration partner, that is committed to delivering a broad range of HR services through a co-employment arrangement.

With StaffLink’s PEO option, you retain the day-to-day control over how you manage your employees, and we handle all of administrative duties related to HR Management, Benefits Administration , Payroll, Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management aspects of the relationship, including:

With StaffLink’s PEO option, you retain the day-to-day control over how you manage your employees, and we handle all of administrative duties.

When you establish a co-employment relationship, you’re also sharing certain risks and responsibilities with the provider. Shared responsibility means you’re not facing the threat and impact of changes to laws and regulations and other compliance requirements alone.

Through our PEO solution, our risk and compliance experts keep on top of the thousands of annual changes to HR regulations, including Health Care Reform, so you don’t have to. As a result, not only do we assume liability in the co-employment relationship, we can help to avoid common benefits administration and HR management pitfalls, and solve little problems before they turn into big ones.

Advantages of using StaffLink as your PEO provider

StaffLink PEO integrates all major HR management and employee benefits functions into a single-source solution, one that translates into real savings, increased efficiency and greater peace of mind.

Key reasons to consider StaffLink include:

For many small and mid-sized organizations, a PEO relationship with StaffLink will remove many of your administrative burdens so the principals can focus on building the business.


StaffLink’s ASO Solution

Human Resources Management - Made to order.

HR and administrative help only in the areas you need.

If you’ve ever wished that you could offload certain aspects of HR management but hold on to others, then an HR Administrative Services Organization (ASO) arrangement is the ideal solution for you. It offers many of the benefits of our Professional Employer Organization service without the co-employment aspects of a PEO arrangement.

Why StaffLink for Your ASO Needs?

StaffLink’s ASO solution provides a package of HR administrative services to help with key aspects of HR, but you remain the employer of record. This allows you to retain total control over your workforce, while StaffLink handles typical HR functions.

StaffLink ASO service offers businesses like yours:


Human Resources Support

Let’s together improve HR management by focusing on your company’s greatest asset... its people. Your organization plus our expertise, is sure to be a winning team.

StaffLink Outsourcing has the people, processes and technology you need to help transform global Human Resources management from an administrative function to a powerful, vital and essential part of your business. By partnering for HR management, you can free up resources to focus on the more strategic opportunities that help your business grow and compete.

A partnership with us will allow you to:

StaffLink has been successfully helping businesses like yours navigate the increasingly complex HR landscape for many years.

Why StaffLink for your Human Resources Needs?

As a business owner, every member of your team plays a vital role in your success; one unproductive employee can have a big impact on your bottom line. If HR issues aren’t managed properly they can put a business and its owner at greater risk of lawsuits, fines and penalties.

StaffLink helps you with seemingly complex HR issues and requirements. We prepare you to respond proactively and effectively with our hands-on approach to HR. When you partner with StaffLink, you’re getting access to a team of certified HR professionals with years of experience. We pride ourselves on providing you with best practice information that helps you to stay in compliance. We take the time to help to educate you on HR best practices for any situation you face, from hire to fire, or hire to retire.

When you partner with StaffLink for assistance in HR management, you get:

Human Resource Services We Provide:


Payroll Administration

Payroll that's fast • easy • precise – designed to solve today's business challenges.

At StaffLink Outsourcing, we alleviate you of the burdens associated with not only payroll processing, but the administrative tasks that go along with it. StaffLink is equipped with a team of experts dedicated to your account, and we ensure that your employees are paid correctly, and on time, every time.

We provide our clients with access to a state-of-the-art, web-based Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that we maintain. We are responsible for the Information Technology (IT) staff, all support and the continual upgrades required to process payroll and ensure Federal and multi-state regulations and compliance. This allows our clients to take advantage of a well maintained HRIS system without having the major capital expenditure associated with purchasing that system.

StaffLink is equipped with a team of experts dedicated to your account, and we ensure that your employees are paid correctly, and on time, every time.

More than Paychecks:

A great deal goes into providing state-of-the-art payroll administration services, and our service is entirely designed with our clients' total convenience, and compliance in mind. A relationship with StaffLink ensures:

Payroll Services We Provide


Benefits Administration

Access Fortune 500®-caliber benefits coverage through StaffLink Outsourcing.

StaffLink’s HR outsourcing services provide you with access to a wide range of employee benefits and HR services typically only available to larger organizations. We’ve carefully designed these services to help your employees appreciate and value the benefits you provide, maintain a better work/life balance, and stay engaged in their jobs.

Benefits of Working with StaffLink:

We can also help you meet the demands of Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation:

Imagine having simplified benefits administration with the flexibility to choose and pay for only what you want. Why would you accept anything less?

Access Fortune 500®-caliber benefits coverage through StaffLink Outsourcing.

Access to advice and support from our experienced experts.

It’s time you got as much out of your benefits plans as your employees do. It’s time to simplify and integrate. Let’s rethink Benefits Administration.

Benefits We Provide:

Benefits Administration Services We Provide:


Workers' Compensation Compliance & Risk Management

Is your workers’ compensation insurance adequate? Does it have the limits that you need? Incorrect policy administration can be detrimental, especially to a small or medium sized company.

StaffLink can help. Our Risk Management professionals will review everything about how you are currently approaching workers’ compensation compliance. By reviewing the work that your employees are doing, we can ensure that the correct amount of premium is being paid for the job that is being done. When your employees are covered by StaffLink’s workers’ compensation insurance program, you do not have to pay a deposit, there are no audits or audit premiums and we provide incentives for companies that are committed to workplace safety and have good experience.

StaffLink will assist you in creating and maintaining a secure work environment, while assuming full liability for workers’ compensation. Our insurance carrier is A+ Standard & Poor’s, so you should expect nothing less than exceptional service. Moreover, we provide experienced, trained and knowledgeable underwriters, loss control specialists and claims managers who will evaluate any special risk management needs your business may require, and carry out an action plan to minimize your risk, if necessary. Our workers’ compensation services include a call center staffed with professional personnel who can take claims, answer questions you have about claims, educate injured workers about their benefits and assist with Return-to-Work Coordination.

StaffLink will assist you in creating and maintaining a secure work environment, while assuming full liability for workers’ compensation.

Risk Management Services We Provide: